100% Commission

As a DeForest Group Partner Agent you can earn up to 100% commission direct from the carrier.  Once your agency becomes subcoded with a carrier you will earn 100% commission on all business with that carrier.  For non-coded business serviced by the DeForest Group you will receive 60% commission.  Commission for business serviced here is paid on a monthly basis.

75% Profit Sharing

One thing that sets the DeForest Group Partner Program apart from many other aggregation models is that all business you place with us is profit sharing eligible – both coded and non-coded.  When we receive profit sharing from the carriers we split all payments on a 50/50 basis with our agents.  You will receive payment based on the size of your book proportionate to our total book.  If you are subcoded with a carrier and your book is in profit sharing mode, you will receive 75%.  Due to our large volume, our 75% payment is more than a typical agency’s standalone profit sharing agreement.


As a Partner Agent you have the ability to grow your business without sacrificing control or ownership.  You retain ownership of all of your business. 


Partner Agents are able to place business with a multitude of Personal and Commercial Lines markets allowing you to best serve your clients based on their needs.  We know maintaining multiple relationships with carriers can be difficult.  The Partner Program eases that burden.

Carrier Relationships

If you are already appointed with a carrier prior to becoming a Partner Agent and do not want to include them in your relationship with the DeForest Group you may do so.  We will not disrupt any relationships that you currently have.  However, you may find it to be advantageous to join the relationship with ours due to our preferred carrier contracts, but we will never force you to do so.

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