New Appointment – Greater New York 5-Mar-2014

DeForest Group is pleased to announce that we have been appointed with Greater New York! more

New Regional Manager 10-Dec-2013

Bill Hoos Regional Manager We have added a third Regional Manager to our team. We are pleased to announce that William A. Hoos (Bill) has accepted this position and has joined our team as of January 1, 2014. With over […] more

The Price is Right – but is the Coverage? 22-Dec-2014

Independent Agents Many independent agents have the same carriers. So how are you going to convince your prospective insured that they are better off having you as their representative if the agent down the street is offering the same company as […] more

Checking Your client’s Website 26-Nov-2014

The Client Website John Smith, the local handyman wants to attract business.  He has a website.  On that website he advertises that he can handle deck repairs, some cabinetry work and maybe some minor interior re-design. John gives his web designer […] more

The Value of the Independent Agent 22-Oct-2014

Independent Insurance Agent VS. YOU My insurance journey began a mere year and a half ago. When I began working for the DeForest Group, I barely knew anything about insurance other than you had to have it and that I did.  […] more

Teen Drivers and Car Insurance 22-Sep-2014

When Your Teen Begins To Drive  For a parent those words in the same sentence can be extremely scary on many levels. Maybe your kids are still very young and the thought of them driving is a distant nightmare or they […] more

Human Resources – Hiring & Growth within a Small Business 28-Aug-2014

CREATING THE RIGHT TEAM Since 2010 DeForest Group, Inc. has hired 22 employees. Human Resources has been very busy.  TWENTY-TWO in less than 4 full years is a lot for a small business. As I look down my list and look […] more

Home Replacement Cost – How To Talk To Your Insured 15-Jul-2014

In this tumultuous property market, home values can vary greatly from town to town, county to county, and state to state.  In addition, market value and replacement cost can differ incredibly.  Explaining the difference between market value and replacement cost to […] more

Keys to Success 10-Jan-2014

As the newest member of the DeForest team I was honored to be asked to write our initial blog post. While I may be new to DeForest I’ve been around the industry for more years than I care to admit. Most […] more