Is DeForest Group a wholesaler?

Do I own my own business?

Do you work with startups?

What commission is earned in the Partner Program and how is it split?

If you are paying me 100% of the commission when sub coded, how do you make your money?

How do you calculate profit sharing?

What portion of the profit sharing do I receive?

How can I get sub coded?

What are the premium requirements for sub codes?

Do I have access to all of your carriers right away?

I already have access with a carrier. How will joining the Partner Program affect that?

How do I submit business to you?

How is Personal Lines business placed?

Can I quote your PL carriers on my comparative rater?

How is Commercial Lines business placed?

Who handles service of my customers?

Can I leave the Program when I wish?

Is there a fee to terminate my contract?

A positive response time and impeccable personalities make the program work!

– Doug Hutchings, Middletown, NY