As the newest member of the DeForest team I was honored to be asked to write our initial blog post. While I may be new to DeForest I’ve been around the industry for more years than I care to admit. Most of that time spent in sales, sales management, sales training and coaching on both the company and agency sides of the business.

Saying yes to writing the first post was the easy part. Actually writing it, well that was something else. For any of you who are writers you know the feeling. What can I write about, will it be relevant, will they like it, or will they boo?

I finally decided to fall back on what I know best – Sales. Since sales is the lifeblood of any insurance agency I thought I would share my eight Keys to Success.

There’s no rocket science here, in fact you may say to yourself I know that, I’ve heard it all before. That may be true but there is a difference between knowing it and doing it, and doing it is my challenge to you.

So here they are my eight Keys to Success:

  1. Attitude – Be positive, enthusiastic, passionate and committed every day. Believe in yourself your product and your company unconditionally.
  2. Goals – Set goals, they are your road map to success. Decide what you want to achieve, determine the action steps necessary, set deadlines and refer to your goals daily.
  3. Time – This is a non-renewable resource. Use it wisely. Set priorities weekly and daily. Stay focused and don’t be distracted by time stealer’s disguised as productivity.
  4. Prospect – Do it daily. Keep your pipeline full. Build relationships with your prospects over time. This is not a “one and done” activity. Prospects must be cultivated and nurtured.
  5. Needs – Become a master of helping your prospects discover their true needs – the real value they are seeking not the cheapest price.
  6. Value – Create and consistently deliver a fascinating value proposition. One that your competitors can’t or won’t deliver.
  7. Learn – Feed your brain with new ideas and uplifting messages.  Read and listen to CDs and MP3s daily. Attend seminars and training sessions at least quarterly.
  8. Work Hard – Nothing worthwhile ever comes easy.

Like I said not rocket science but are you doing it?

I’m anxious to hear your comments and I’ll be happy respond to any questions just please don’t boo!

– Bill Hoos

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