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John Smith, the local handyman wants to attract business.  He has a website.  On that website he advertises that he can handle deck repairs, some cabinetry work and maybe some minor interior re-design.

John gives his web designer the leeway to use some generic pictures.  There is a kitchen being worked on, a farmers porch under repair and of course the worker slinging shingles from the rooftop.  Whaaaaat?

“I didn’t know the insured does roofing”.  That is the first quote from any underwriter from any company.  The second is “we can’t offer a quote”. 

Now you know, and Joe knows that he doesn’t do any roofing and never has.  Or he had done roofing in the past but hasn’t for the past 5 years.  But the website has that picture and for all the world to know, he does.

Check the Insured’s Website!

All companies these days are checking the client’s website.  It is part of the underwriting process and part of the DeForest Group process.  It will be a big time saver, for the agent, to check a client’s website prior to submitting the business.  If there is anything on the site that is old, wrong or simply never was, let us know.  We can then use that information when quoting or submitting to a company underwriter. 

We all want to write business.  Having the correct information up front makes the process much easier. It also ensures that you have done your job, as the agent by protecting the company you represent as well as the agents. 

Kevin Whooley, Regional Manager

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