Liz Benjamin, 15 Years
Executive Assistant To President/HR Coordinator
I started working for DFG on January 5th 2004. My favorite responsibilities have been, without a doubt, working with our partner’s directly with their onboarding and settling into our program, and my current position hiring our new talent. Nothing makes me happier than being able to pair an agent with a solution, a colleague with help or an individual with a career at a company I think is 2nd to none.
I have been directly a part of or exposed to every aspect of our business model. Over the years I have had experience in nearly every department including Customer Service, Executive Support, New Partner Agent onboarding and now Human Resources. Regardless of my success in climbing the professional ladder here I’m never too proud to stuff envelopes, answer the phone or fix the kitchen sink. I’m a firm believer in team work and I work with the greatest team in the Hudson Valley.
Kevin Whooley, 5 Years
Regional Manager
I began my journey at DG in 2013, after coming over from the carrier side of the business. In my 5 years at DeForest I have handled much of our agency footprint at one time or another. I’ve been everywhere it seems. I currently service our agents in New England and New York’s Capital Region and North Country. During this time, I have met and worked with some great people. I’m able to build fantastic relationships both inside the office and out. This is what I enjoy most about my job.
 I look forward to the next five years of growing our group and working with some of the best people in the business. 


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