Who We Are

DeForest Group is an established insurance aggregator for independent insurance agencies. Our business model allows agents to consistently provide customers with the best markets, products and pricing while maintaining a profitable independent agency because of, and supported by, our long successful relationship with many large carriers.

DeForest has been a member of the independent agent community since 1925. Our business began as a traditional insurance agency and has transformed into the business model we use today, referred to as the Partnership Program. The value and need of the independent agent helped fuel the aggregation model to provide solutions for partner agents.

DeForest Group Culture and Values

  • Integrity
  • Customer Oriented
  • Commitment to our Partner Agents
  • Support
  • Quality
  • Efficiency & Capability
  • Long Standing Relationships

Member of:

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  • Ownership
  • Relationships
  • Profit Sharing
  • Choice
  • Markets
  • Contract
  • Time
  • Appointments
  • Commission
  • Fees